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Fiber Internet


Is coming to your neighborhood



Step 1: Express your interest by pre-signing up and asking your neighbors to do the same

Step 2: Throughout the signup phase, we will contact every home in your potential Fiberhood. This will determine the number of households interested in our new fiber optic network who are serious about taking advantage of our internet

Step 3: Now that you've signed up for KDS Fiber and your neighborhood has received the required number of pre-registrations needed to become a KDS Fiberhood, we will add your Fiberhood to the construction project list. KDS Engineers will begin working on the design, planning and scheduling phase of the installation. This could take a few months and is highly dependent on the permitting process and the weather - both of which are outside of our control.

Step 4: Install services and begin using the fastest internet!

Not yet convinced?  Here are 8 benefits of having Fiber Internet in your home.

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What we deliver

Future-proof technology

KDS Networks is pleased to start offering Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology to residents around the Great Falls area. This fiber technology will allow customers to access services including ultra-fast internet to homes and businesses with speeds up to 1 Gbps. This technology provides internet that’s faster, stronger, and much more fun. Guaranteed.

Constant connectivity

FTTH technology is the most robust and stable way to deliver your internet.

Maximum performance

You get all the speed you pay for. No outages due to weather, no delays, download speeds. The best internet experience, all the time.

Installation and Cost

Installation Fee

There is a one time pre signup installation fee of $700.00 that covers fiber optic cable and trenching from the street to the home up to 100 feet, along with a Conduit Fiber Termination Box and Fiber Modem.  There will be an additional cost of $2.50 per foot exceeding the initial 100 feet from the nearest node to the home.   

For installations scheduled after the fiber is deployed, the initial fee will be higher, roughly $900-$1000. The reason for this higher fee is the added costs involving moving equipment, scheduling, mapping and marking for an individual install, whereas doing it during the initial deployment costs a lot less. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this discounted rate.


Installation Financing

We are also offering 2 year financing for the installation fee that may be added to your monthly bill at a rate of 7% APR 


Have Questions?

We would like to receive your feedback. Please contact us by phone at 406 205 4411 or simply fill up the sign up form and we will contact you promptly. 



Fiber Internet Plans

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